About us

The Halal Animal Welfare Association was founded in 2018 due to the founders concern for the welfare and husbandry of livestock being raised for Halal consumption. In addition the lack of transparency and regulation regarding Halal meat on supermarket shelves, butcher shops and resturants.

The founder believes modern farming practices compromise the teachings of animal welfare/ treatment in Islam and further development and modernisation of certification for the Halal industry is needed. After extensive research and dicussions within the Muslim community the founder believes the Muslim consumer would like to have more of an insight into the production of Halal meat, especially how the animals are raised and have the opportunity to purchase organic, free range meat as Tayyib is as important to them as the Halal slaughter.

Education is key to making a change and the industrial scale of meat production has an effect on the quality of Halal meat to such an extent that some of the processes may even render some meat as Haram or a low quality of Tayyib some Muslims would not like to purchase.

H.A.W.A aims to carry out a public animal welfare campgain and education events as well as discussion sessions with Halal certifiers and government departments about modern farming practices and how we can all work together to create a world class, Halal AND Tayyib industry with a reputation of high animal welfare standards in line with religious beleif.

The founder

Gemma Ali MSc, BSc.  Emerging Leader- OFC 2020.

Featured in the book "Contribution of Women in the Global Islamic Economy" Published March 2023.

Gemma has a bachelors degree in Animal Management specialising in Livestock Science and a masters degree in Animal Welfare and Conservation. As well as running H.A.W.A she teaches Animal Management and Biology. During her studies she became increasingly concerned with farming production systems and how the way animals are reared for commercial production could compromise guidance in the Isamic faith regarding animal rights and welfare.

During her research thesis she discovered her concerns were valid, both the Muslim consumer and religious leaders expressed similar concern and further research and discussions would be a benefit to the Halal industry. This lead to the creation of H.A.W.A to educate the consumer as well as work with industry stakeholders to improve animal welfare, labelling and integrity of the Halal industry.

She hopes to carry on her studies to PhD level so that future generations have the knowledge and references to continue her work and give backing to anyone hoping to make changes to the industry and in need to evidence.

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